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day eight part 1 and 2

crazy day today busy as hell πŸ™‚

still on track although weight loss slowing to 1lb ad day boo hoo πŸ™‚

still on the shakes


how you lot doing let me know


lee πŸ™‚

twitter sly stallone hugh jackman and bry and ian


so i joined twitter the other day user name privatestudmuff if you wanna follow me πŸ™‚

so i follow bry and ian and sly and hugh

how sureal is it to have sly saying hey had this drink called sprite in brazil

and hugh going nice day in l.a today

then bry going my phones screwed ha ha made me laugh πŸ™‚

dont feed your kids this keeping children from being obese

As a fatlad it always make me toes curl to see people sat with the kids eating (insert here your fave drive through burger/chicken fast food bar) now fair play its the easy option/or you like it so why not, well come on even tho the goverment has stepped in and said make it more healthy, they have put a few salad pots (no doubt, laden with sugars) on the menu, its still not good for your kids..

Now i was brought up to eat veg and everything, we never ate bad everything was fresh, now yeah i grew up and am loving me kebabs and fastfood joints, BUT I also love my veg my fish my meat and salads and wholegrain bread so thanks to my mam and dad i have a head start, many i know they are still like capers what are they parsnips fennel celeriac whats that??? which to me sounds mad….

now i have a good mate, rob, i worked with him for 5 years ahhh we had fun, top lad, must ring him for a chat :-), now rob was a slim bloke, smoked 40 a day, ate chips pie peas gravy and a sausage every dinner, i used to look and say jeeezzz man that aint good, he would reply who is slim me or you!!! yeah but its what its doing inside rob i would say, now one monday i said you have a sun lunch rob, no way errrrrrr yuk, am like eh what, he said dont do veg and my kids dont, i looked at him and said why dont they rob, is it because they have been brought up with the fact that veg is yuk, do your parents eat veg, no, said rob, well i rest my case i said, its monkey see monkey do, and it is, we have 2 puppies, honey and ruby,now honey is the eldest, so everything that honey has done for the last year and made us laugh ( nicking our shoes and running outside, closing the kitchen door with her nose and stuff) we now find ruby doing it so we learn from our elders, we pass our habbits down to our kids,


private studmuffin πŸ™‚

reading this will change your life

now if you have read my blogs you will know i have been using the abs ebook to get me a new me, so since jan i have lost 3 stones :-), feel great,and have kicked my drink habit once and for all, thanks to the ebook and the ebook authors ian graham and bryan kavanagh….


you can now have a short trail of the abs ebook for only $5.OO, YES $5.00

thats not even one pint and a bag of chips

click here to a new you

so find out how i did it for only $5.00 today

and welcome to a new you πŸ™‚


private studmuffin πŸ™‚

sometimes we need to wake up and smell he roses

HEY we all are in the same boat, day in day out wake up go to work come home go to bed like being a hamster on that big wheel round and round and round same shit different day, its bad right, kids screaming,locked to the cooker……

Β BUTΒ  LETS TAKE STOCK, LOOK AT YOUR LIFE , WE ALL HAVE A HOUSE A TV NICE BED ETC, soΒ  turn your life around yeah you have to eat clean and not drink for 12 weeks, and you have to exercise for 12 weeks oooohhh how bad, try being in africa with no mum and dad and full of hiv, sorry for bringing life to you but thats the deal, yes we get down, yes we have busy lives, yes we eat and drink junk as we feel down, but fitness is the key lets get fit together, come follow me

private studmuffin πŸ™‚

you must read this ;-)

Β evening miss conway :0) right this is off topic but has had me in tears of laughter

so i have been doing this blog thing i have many funny stories to tell alot are about me and my mate millsey now we dont speak much now, thats how its always been i will ring millsey and say am still alive thanks, and he will say am still alive thanks, then we put the phone down, or he will text a blank text, so i call him and say ” it was blank” millsey will say ” you know what it was gonna say neway, just how are you and stuff so why bother writing it” lol, so tonight i rang him i told him about the blog, he said you better not have wrote about bruno or the street cat


millsey and bruno his dog
so his dog is getting on a bit and he had swollen glands on his throat,millsey took him to the vets, he gave him some tablets and said if they get bigger bring him straight in, so one night millsey is lieing in bed, bruno on the bed by his side as he has done all his life, millsey half alseep checks brunos throat and the glands have swollen so big that millsey carries on feeling them in shock,slowley millsey wakes up enough to realise bruno is the wrong way up, and infact millsey has been stroking brunos nuts, he said bruno had never looked so happy lol, it took millsey 3 months and a few beers to tell me and we sat at the pub table tears rolling down our faces and everyone looking at us πŸ™‚

millsey and the street cat
so one sun me and millsey had been for a few scoops, we stagger home,we get onto millsey
street and there is the big fluffy sweet cat, millsey goes to stroke it
“no love dont go near it its mad” said a women
“its ok cats love me” said a half cut millsey
“no love please dooooooonnnnnnnnttttttttt”
to late,millsey reaches out and at that the cat goes into jedi mode and clamps onto millseys arm
“foooooookkkkkkkkiiiiiiinnnnn hell ” screams millsey, as the cat uses him as a cat post,bllod was everywhere, i was laughing me cock off whilst trying to get the jedi cat off him, he was trying to flick it off his arm as if he was a fisherman casting his rod, the cat ran off and we end up in a and e, what a sun we had lol πŸ™‚